As a member of the Enterprise Security and Risk Team, I conduct enterprise wide security risk assessments by infiltrating its systems and breach its physical perimeters. This highlights gaps in the organization’s technical security that require fixing as well as being involved in executing the security awareness plan.

Knowledge of Bash Scripting, PHP, SQL, Python and C-based program languages allows me to create my own applications for automation and optimization company’s security.

I am the offensive security and my goal does not end at gaining full access – that is only a starting point.

Information Security * 96.6%
Security Analysis/Assessment * 93%
Tools / Systems / Programs * 88.8%

* Based on the passed exams

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Top 10 in the World Global Ethical Hacker LeaderBoard

Passed both the CEH knowledge-based MCQ and the CEH Practical exam on 92,8% and 90% respectively allowed me to become the TOP 10 in the World Global Ethical Hacking LeaderBoard!


Global Ethical Hacker LeaderBoard

(Quarter 3 – Aug 2020 leaderboard)


The OSINT project. The main idea is to collect all the possible Google dorks search combinations and to find all the information about the specific web-site as fast as it possible.

Links: GitHub, KitPloit, KaliLinux, Medium and other

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Open-Source project, the main idea of which is to automate harvesting the SUID executable files and to find a way for further escalating the privileges.

Links: GitHub, Splunk

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The first Russian aggregator – an analytical database, which collecting, summarizing and analyzing personal information for the security purposes.

Clients: Deloitte, Unilever, Heinemann, Valio, Accor, Tikkurila

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We've invited Ivan to test the Akvion's security system one year ago. Since that time he's identified potential intrusion areas and fixed them. He helped us to save over $1 mill by using his own know-how.
I would like to confirm that Mr. Ivan Glinkin is an regular and exemplary member of Hack The Box Cyber Security community and he has demonstrated his skills in ethical hacking by responsibly disclosing, documenting and reporting a security bug in our learning platform.
I know Ivan as high qualified professional in forensics investigations and related fields. Ivan is an inquisitive person, constantly striving for self-improvement. We met at the computer hacking forensic investigation courses and I contacted to him outside the computer training center too. I am sure that he will not stop half way to what has been achieved and will definitely solve his tasks in a timely and professional manner.
I came to know Ivan when we took Master Degree program in The Russian Presidential Academy (RANEPA). Ivan distinguished himself by submitting an exceptionally well researched and interesting projects. Ivan was ranked in the top 5% of students with the best performing results. Overall, Ivan is highly intelligent and has a good analytical skills. He proved himself as a great team player during the group projects. Ivan has excellent communication skills and at a personal level, he is an intelligent professional with a pleasant personality.