How to install and set up BurpSuite | HydrAttack

How to install and set up BurpSuite | HydrAttack

1. Download BurpSuite Community Edition application –

2. Install the application, start the application and create a new project

3. Install Firefox web browser

4. Install an FoxyProxy Standard extension –

5. Using FoxyProxy, create the new proxy. Name it whatever you like, but set the Hostname to and the port to 8080

6. Select the new Proxy profile from the extension dropdown list

7. Visit http://burpsuite and click on the CA Certificate link to download the certificate

8. Go to Firefox settings, select “View certificates. and import the recently downloaded certificate

9. Done. Check the HTTP history in the Proxy section your BurpSuite. If you did everything correctly, you should see your requests